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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Things I’ve Carried, Part 2 (and those I won’t)

One of the things about making a significant move to A New Flat* for the second time in three years is that it’s the perfect excuse to go through things and get rid of the ones you don’t really want (on the grounds that you won’t possibly have the space for them in the new place you haven’t seen yet, if nothing else). An added plus to the “toss” side of the scale this time is that there will another adult human sharing ANF (everyone is /quite/ happy about this) and so I won’t have the full run of, say, the closets**, for example.

It was rainy and gray most of Sunday, so I took the opportunity to give the bathroom a super-thorough cleaning (no, really, you could eat off those tiles), and to go through my closet. It needed to be done for the change in seasons anyway, but I’m also taking a look at the contents – what won’t work in EDI because it just won’t be that warm, for example – to see what pieces I brought here from the West Coast and haven’t worn. Starting with the dress I wore to my university formal.

I loved it at the time – long, red, sleeveless, with a mandarin collar, keyhole neckline, straight skirt and a slit up the side. I bought it on Queen Street West in Toronto over 10 years ago – I think the same weekend I wrote the GMAT. It still fits (almost) but I never wear it, so it’s going. Ditto the black jacket in the same crepe, this time in black, with over sized shoulder pads and small waist that falls to mid thigh. And the beautiful sheer white blouse with gorgeously pleated, un-cuffed sleeves I bought to wear to a formal at RSG in high school – I bought it three sizes too big for an unknown reasons, but haven’t worn it in over 5 years. And the Ted Baker silk top/dress – grey with a lovely pattern and a sash that ties in a beautiful bow behind, but is clearly designed for someone who embraces leggings. I wore it once for dinner and too many drinks in LA with grey tights and brown boots, and got away with it, and wore it again for drinks in NY over gray cords with flats, and didn’t really get away with it, and it just doesn’t work. At least for me. So it’s out.

*I’m trying to retrain my brain. Apartment = flat, first floor = ground floor, etc.

**Assuming there even are closets. The Laird is attempting to manage FG’s expectations re: ANF by setting a scene in which there are, in fact, no closets whatsoever, assuming ANF is more than 10 years old. Apparently I am moving to Armoireville. The FG is confident there will be some closets, but perhaps not as many as she requires. Remains cautiously optimistic that ANF will feature a healthy combination of closets and armoires. Stay tuned.).

Part 1

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shuesday: Speaking of leopard

If you like your catty side a little more obvious, these are for you. Gorgeous. I'd wear them with an all black or all camel outfit.

Stuart Weitzman at BG


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Icons we mourn: William Safire

William Safire, a speechwriter for President Richard M. Nixon and a Pulitzer Prize-winning political columnist for The New York Times who also wrote novels, books on politics and a Malaprop’s treasury of articles on language, died at a hospice in Rockville, Md. on Sunday. He was 79.

There may be many sides in a genteel debate, but in the Safire world of politics and journalism it was simpler: there was his own unambiguous wit and wisdom on one hand and, on the other, the blubber of fools he called “nattering nabobs of negativism” and “hopeless, hysterical hypochondriacs of history.”

He was a college dropout and proud of it (...) from 1973 to 2005, Mr. Safire wrote his twice weekly “Essay” for the Op-Ed Page of The Times, a forceful conservative voice in the liberal chorus. Unlike most Washington columnists who offer judgments with Olympian detachment, Mr. Safire was a pugnacious contrarian who did much of his own reporting, called people liars in print and laced his opinions with outrageous wordplay. (...) for 32 years tenaciously attacked and defended foreign and domestic policies, and the foibles, of seven administrations. Along the way, he incurred enmity and admiration, and made a lot of powerful people squirm. And from 1979 until earlier this month, he wrote “On Language,” a New York Times Magazine column that explored written and oral trends, plumbed the origins and meanings of words and phrases, and drew a devoted following, including a stable of correspondents he called his Lexicographic Irregulars.

The columns, many collected in books, made him an unofficial arbiter of usage, and one of the most widely read writers on language. It also tapped into the lighter side of the dour-looking Mr. Safire: a Pickwickian quibbler who gleefully pounced on gaffes, inexactitudes, neologisms, misnomers, solecisms and perversely peccant puns, like “The President’s populism and the First Lady’s momulism.”

There were columns on blogosphere blargon, tarnation-heck euphamisms, dastardly subjunctives and even Barack and Michelle Obama’s fist bumps. And there were Safire “rules for writers”: Remember to never split an infinitive. Take the bull by the hand and avoid mixing metaphors. Proofread carefully to see if you words out. Avoid cliches like the plague. And don’t overuse exclamation marks!!

I just loved him - smart and unapologetic. And I think he would have enjoyed this obit.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Edinburgh wardrobe: Part 1

I'm told it's going to be chilly, and you know how I hate the damp. I think this would be bananas. Especially for lounging on a windowsill with a good book and a sweet little grey kitten, looking out at the rain.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shuesday: Feeling ambitious?

The lovely belated summer weather continues, but I know you're looking forward to fall, so I'm going to keep the boots coming.

These have a 4 and 3/10ths of an inch heel, and a leopard print sole. So if you need a black boot for fall, are in the mood to stand a little taller than the crowd, and appreciate the attention to detail, these may be the boots for you.

D&G at BG


Monday, September 21, 2009

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Now that it's official, I'm letting you in on the latest. Your FG is moving to Scotland at the end of October!

Yes, I'll miss New York - the people, the food, the people, the overwhelming opportunities to do almost anything at any time of the day or night, the shopping, the people, the museums, the people. Did I mention the people?

Yes, it rains there all the time, but not as much as it could.* Yes, it is populated by Scots, a slightly more dour version of the English, but also, one suspects, warmer and heartier once you get through their reserve. Like Maritimers, yes? I adore the ones I've met here, and suspect the renowned Canadian sense of humour was somehow passed along genetically from our Scottish ancestors.

Yes, the television will be completely different - one suspects fewer award shows and more murder mysteries. Yes, I expect to do a lot of reading (which will no doubt be very good for me, based on recent propensity to sit on couch watching TV until the wee small hours of the morning). Yes, the fashion is going to be mad, and yes, I will keep you posted. Yes, I have a lot to do in the next six weeks. Yes, I will miss you, yes, I will be keeping the blog going. And yes, I will take lots and lots and lots of pictures.

No, not all the food there is deep fried, in fact, I had the best oysters on the half shell I've ever had there earlier this summer. They also have lovely cheeses, and have I mentioned my oatcake addiction?

No, I will not start wearing plaid all the time (more about that later), and am hoping not to pick up too much of an accent, whilst shedding the Americanisms that have crept into my normal speaking voice. No, I don't have a job yet; once I find an apartment and my stuff arrives (6-9 weeks), I'll be job hunting. No, I won't be there forever, the plan is 3-5 years and then back to the shores of my home and native land - although I'm aware that those sorts of long term plans sometimes find themselves derailed over time.

It's been almost exactly thirteen years since I moved to the States, and fourteen since I really left the GTA. The good news is that I've been lucky enough to keep my closest friends close, wherever they live, and wherever I live, and I plan to keep it up from the other side of the Atlantic. I miss home, even if I visit 2-3 times a year, but I'm thrilled at the chance to live in another country, an old, old country, for a change. I'm looking forward to living in a place that considers 1776 recent history, and which is so close to Europe, with all the treasures of its history, art, and culture. I hope I have always appreciated the idealism on which the States was built, its youth, and its tremendous potential. Even when I've been occasionally cranky.

So now you know, and can start planning your visit. I promise to keep you posted.

*I'm very pleased to say they average 10 inches less per year than Seattle, which I endured for four years, so I know it's survivable. Notice I didn't say it would be great for my hair.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Emmys 2009

A few thoughts:
  • Why must Tina Fey always wear black at awards shows? Didn't she get the red gown memo? She'd look great in red!
  • Ooh, Duckie. I re-watched Pretty in Pink recently, and it's lovely to see him honoured after so long.
  • Please don't cry through your acceptance speech. Really. Although great dress, KC.
  • Why do celebrities wear glasses at awards shows? Is this really the night to give your eyes the night off from your contacts?
  • Toni Collette looks great. Why do they keep dressing her up weirdly when she's playing characters on TV?
  • Why, even on awards shows, is Serena the pretty one (although that hairstyle is a little "guest starring on Star Trek") and Blair is the smart one? Although BL not being able to read the teleprompter helps with the stereotype. I'm also channeling Snow White and Rose Red.
  • The problem with dividing the evening into "genres" is that, for those of us who were distracted by the football and DVR'd the show, the temptation to fast forward through the reality TV section is almost overwhelming. Particularly when there's a dance performance. Really? Because, in case you hadn't noticed, those have almost been eliminated from the Oscars ... It's so sad to see what people will do to keep awards shows "relevant".
  • Can't believe Padma and Tom didn't win for hosting "Top Chef." They gain /weight/ for that show, bitches.
  • Speaking of weight, in terms of wearing dresses that fit, which is key, did someone inflate Patricia Arquette before she went out on stage tonight? Terrible breast/dress combination.
  • Ooh! Nathan Fillion!
Can Neil Patrick Harris just host everything from now on? Please?

  • Next time Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore work on a project together, Drew should get JL to wear makeup, and jewelry, esp. on television, and JL should get DB to wear colour. Drew does /not/ look good in flesh tones. JL - great dress.
  • Maybe I missed a "nude lip" memo? I definitely got the "red dress" memo, but the problem with nude kips for a telecast is that it makes you look like you forgot your lipstick.
  • Brian Williams is cementing his position as someone for whom I would like to make a very elaborate dinner, and host in my home. Love that guy. There are few talking heads who have such an exquisite sense of humour.
  • I am starting to think that Justin Timberlake is competing with the President for the overexposure award of 2009. Not that anyone is complaining, on either count.
  • Must re-watch Hugh Jackman's opening number to the Oscars last year, and not only because Rachel Zoe's last episode was all about the drama of finding a second dress for Anne Hathaway's part.
  • The thing about the "In Memoriam" segment is that it always makes me remember how quickly the year has gone, because, whilst I remember the passings of those who have left us in the last two to three months, those who have gone before always surprise me. Which leaves me feeling sad and slightly guilty. Any chance I can blame the media?
  • I feel as though Matthew Weiner just made everyone in the room hate him. Complete creative freedom, my ass.
  • Yay Glenn Close! Surely I will get to see Damages season three someday soon.
  • Sigourney Weaver - great dress. Elizabeth Moss, bad dress and bad accessories.
And that's the way it was.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Requisite celebrity sightings 11

Tonight, I saw Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig on stage in "A Steady Rain." Run don't walk.

Coming out of the Schoenfeld, we saw Hope Davis and Jeff Daniels coming out of "God of Carnage", and, across the street, watching them, Joy Behar.

That's a pretty good night, methinks.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Icons we mourn: Mary Travers

Without irony, "Puff the Magic Dragon" was one of my favourite songs from childhood, and from camp, and so it is with genuine sadness that the FGB notes the passing of Ms. Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary. And that's even before we get into "Blowin' in the Wind", "If I Had a Hammer", and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone."

But it's not about me, or camp - although it was wonderful to visit recently.
Ms. Travers brought a powerful voice and an unfeigned urgency to music that resonated with mainstream listeners. With her straight blond hair and willowy figure and two bearded guitar players by her side, she looked exactly like what she was, a Greenwich Villager directly from the clubs and the coffeehouses that nourished the folk-music revival.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shuesday: Black cherry boots

OK, so I don't normally authorize the "bootie", and the heels are ridiculous (and the prices is not exactly recession-sensitive) but these are hot. Available at Jeffrey.

Via NY Mag.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Icons we mourn: Patrick Swayze

I realize that this space is usually reserved for less "pop" type people, but I can't help myself. If nothing else, "Dirty Dancing" holds a very special place in a lot of our hearts, and so, tonight, let's have the time of our lives.


And, how could I forget, North and South! Whatever happened to epic miniseries anyway?


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Shuesday: Leg of mutton boots?

The FG loves Prada just as much as the next girl, but really? What is going on here? Has my blouse wrapped itself around my calf for a reason?


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

It's all about the tailoring

A good tailor is key. Ghost Tailor in NYC took this dress down three sizes for me, and you'd never know it wasn't made that way. And she's a doll!

Alexander McQueen slays me with his attention to detail. Wouldn't this look divine in Edinburgh? Please go all the way through and check out the back of the jacket - it is amazing.

*Thanks WendyB!


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Shuesday: Fall is in the air

And the FG thinks you should pre-order these boots. Gods know, with all the free time I have to spend at the gym these days, my legs may even be up for them by late October ...