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Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars 2011: Plan B

See up above there where I was going to do the fashion review of the Globes? See how that didn't happen? See how I was on an airplane - an AIRPLANE - during the Oscars last night? And yet, here's your fashion report.

Cate - loved it. She always does something different (and this was very different) and it works.

And then there was the lace brigade. I want to like Mila's dress, really, but I can't.

No such qualms about Nicole Kidman - way, way too much going on there.

I liked Halle and Hilary, and Hailee too. Reese reminded me of Ms J. Roberts circa 2001.

I liked the various red dresses, especially Sandra Bullock's, but this just looks like J Law added a skirt to her Baywatch suit.