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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

And the tent goes on ...

I've been chronicling this summer trend since 2005, so don't give me that "new generation of early adopters" line, NYTimes. The women who were wearing these skirts five years ago aren't 30 yet.

I understand that they're comfortable, especially when brunch or farmer's market shopping can easily turn into an afternoon lounging on the grass in Central Park, followed by cocktails on the Upper (pick your 'hood) Side (although I can't condone the combat boots for that scenario), but if you're young, and you've got legs, why not show them off, especially in summer?

If you have to go there, at least pick one that's plain, and accessorize with big earrings, etc. Nothing that resembles the quilt your Great Aunt Hester made for your Holly Hobbie-themed bedroom, please.

And don't get me started on jumpsuits...



Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Shuesday: Hello Sailor II

Although the FG is no longer located in NYC, she keeps up, and these are in honour of the most recent Fleet Week. Go get them, girls!

Coach at Nordstrom.