Fabulous Girl's Boudoir

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The sun also rises ...

"...and hasteth to (her) place where (s)he arose."

The FG knows that she left you alone too long, and she confesses that 'twas the news of the imminent retirement of Carine Roitfeld's retirement from the helm of French Vogue that brought her back. Also, the shaming she received at the hands of WendyB, who put her on a dearly departed list. That'll teach her to take a few months off!

The reality is that a new place and a new job and a whole new life caught up with your FG for a while there, but I suspect that, baby, the b*@%h is back. And now that she's off work for the holidays, she's heading to Bliss London for the day, followed by a little non-Amazon holiday shopping.

Ex-oh, ex-oh.