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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shuesday: Wrap me up

If you love wrapping presents as much as the FG, these Donna Karan shoes are for you. Although if you want to wrap presents while wearing them, you might plan to sit - that's a 4 inch heel.

Wrap her up, I'll take her home with me
Wrap her up, she is all I need
Wrap her up, I only get one chance


Monday, May 28, 2007

Everybody's working for the weekend

Nothing like Loverboy, is there?

This weekend felt like a bit of a fizzle, despite activities to the contrary. At the first sign of three days in a row of 80+ temperaures, my air conditioner revealed its true colours as a blower of slightly cool air rather than a machine that could bring the temperature inside the apartment below 85 degrees. My plans to visit The Cloisters turned into a delightful brunch here (Great Jones Street is such a great street name), followed by shopping and a fantastic (and long overdue) facial at Bliss. While I was initially put off by the gaggle of tweens (I may have been spoiled, but I never had a birthday party at a spa), Fanny was so lovely and I was so in need of pampering that I let her talk me into a triple oxygen add-on. I collected a bottle of Oyster Bay Chardonnay, a bottle of Hendricks, two limes and a cucumber, and went home for a quiet evening of sitting on the Juliet balcony reading, eating leftovers and watching Battlestar Galactica.

That's right, you heard me.

Sunday I met The Republican and his lovely wife for a long overdue brunch at Danal. We discussed the appropriateness of singing "America the Beautiful" at the end of their Episcopalian church service, Guantanamo Bay, and the joys of the Jersey Shore, to which they've promised to introduce me mid-June. I headed uptown to Macy's in search of some basics, and of course came away with three new tops. I'm learning the store line-up in these parts - if there's a Gap, you can generally find a Banana Republic (and most of the other usual suspects) on the same block. The warm weather was my inspiration/excuse to pick up three skirts and new tank tops too. Hung it all up and took myself out for a much needed manicure.

Monday I awoke ridiculously late and lounged around for hours. Finally walked to Chelsea for a bagel at Murray's - they've completely reversed the store since I was last there, which was most disconcerting. Then up to the insanity of Bed Bath & Beyond for a full length mirror and a fan (which has totally exceeded my expectations for cooling and quietness), and then home. Watched the movie Brick (over-rated) and met The Lead Singer for dinner at Seven A Cafe. We spontaneously decide to catch Angel-A at the Sunshine. I nearly froze from the air conditioning and almost fell asleep, but it wasn't about the movie.

And then to bed.

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Friday, May 25, 2007


Not me, my ex.

What's that quote, in springtime, young men's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love?

Previously: To the left, to the left


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Requisite celebrity sightings 2

Last night, a luxurious meander of cocktails and small plates. We began on the balcony at Barolo, with dirty martinis, Stoli Citron gimlets, a delicate zucchini puree soup and beautifully tender grilled octopus with gaeta olives, potatoes and pear tomatoes. There was a party in the garden terrace below, featuring pitchers of white sangria and an eclectic crowd. The staff were overly diligent with the water service, but the night was off to a delightful start.

We continued through Soho, stopping for a /drop of the bag, change of the shirt/ and then hit Raoul's. It was a night of incorrect first impressions - there were people hovering rather than sitting on the only two available bar stools, so we hovered behind them, and then a woman pushed past us to the bar, coming dangerously close to taking one of the stools. I narrowed my eyes and promptly sat on it, facing away from the bar, claiming the seat. As things thinned out, she sat to our left and turned out to be a sweet girl (unfortunately named Jewell). She also introduced us to Norm, a seventy-something regular drinking tea at the bar. Lovely!

East Coast Guy stepped away for a moment and I placed my hand on his bar stool to retain possession. I received an immediate hit from a tall, former quarterback type, asking for the seat, congratulating me on my excellent choice of beverage (he liked it so much he ordered two) and offering the equivalent of "come here often?" level conversation. His date arrived and they stood behind us while they waited for their table, perfect for our shameless eavesdropping. They discussed the art over the bar, he stepped out to call his daughter, and we met his date, the lovely Jane from Indiana, in his absence. She was so thoughtful with Norm that we had to like her. All this led to a lively conversation, and we parted as friends when their table was ready. We ate a delicious side order of spinach and a yummy banana bread pudding with caramel cream and caramel sauce, and then called it a night.

But not before running into Joanna Going (Inventing the Abbotts) and husband Dylan Walsh, of Nip/Tuck fame. ECG knows her through the theatrical wing of his family, so we chatted briefly and got a full round of introductions while they waited for their table.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Shuesday: Heavens to

Sorry, but you know I can't drive by a good pun without rubbernecking.

Betsey Johnson's gone over the top again. It has a 3 & 3/4 inch heel with almost an inch of platform, lattice, satin, leopard spots, a bow and a pink sole. Way too much but very fun. Perhaps with a plain black wrap dress? Other suggestions?


Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh the Places You'll Go: Boston

This time for fun - the Fabulous Parents drove down from the Great White North and joined the Entertainment Mogul, his lovely wife and three 21st century kids in Concord. It was a weekend of wine, lobster, bbq and lots and lots of running around the house (it rained through Sunday afternoon). Small children are loud, is all I'm saying. But we learned a bit about kids this weekend.

You can, for example, get a two and a half year old not to put on white pants to go out and play in the mud by telling her that if she wears jeans, she'll be dressed just like her cool cousin. You cannot get her to go to bed absent the exact soft pink blanket that she's insisting she needs (regardless of the other two soft pink blankets already on the bed). You can get a 6 month old to stop fussing (at least temporarily) by giving him something else to look at. Sisterly love may be something that kicks in when sisters no longer have to share a home. And everyone does better on a full night's rest.

We also learned more about flying. Plan to arrive at the airport an hour and a half before your flight, and sit reasonably close to your gate (I know, /duh/ right?!). If the flight is booked with one airline, but "operated by" another, you must check in with those operating the flight (to prevent a double-time, last minute walk from one terminal to another). You may not be advised of changes to your flight, but if you can get on an airplane that is going from the airport you're in to the city you'd planned on traveling to, do so. Your luggage will find you eventually, and if it's delayed, do not anger or annoy the lovely airline staff at baggage claim. There is nothing they can do. And there are cool rocking chairs to sit in at the US Airways Shuttle service terminal.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Shuesday: Play Ball!

Because tonight I played softball! Three hits for three at bats and one stolen base (no, you're not allowed to steal bases in softball). And my fielding was pretty good, considering I was staring into the sun setting over New Jersey and there was a soccer team practicing in right field.

So much fun!


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oh, the Places You'll Go: Seattle

Went to the Best Coast last week for meetings with locals and almost ridiculous amounts of wine with les amigos. Got slightly delayed en route, spending a night here before landing here at long last. The Renaissance Man took me to his new fav spot for Mache Salad (roasted Oregon maitake mushrooms and soy black truffle vinaigrette), a beautiful chardonnay (I'll get you the name, I promise), and a delish seared scallop dish. We closed the place (this is starting to be a thing with the FG).

Friday was the adult version of a pub crawl. I met The Scot and TK at Barolo (which I'm confident will feature prominently in my next Seattle visit), where they were finishing up a bottle of wine and appetizers at the early happy hour. Then on to Black Bottle (which is a longer walk than any of us anticipated), picking up The Law Student en route. We met Kale and TK's other half, Auslander, at the restaurant, and fought to hear one another over the noise made by the denziens of Belltown - the tanned, the lifted, the tightly clothed. The food was, as always, divine, and another several bottles of red promptly disappeared.

We decided we couldn't take the noise a moment more, and headed off to Marjorie for dessert. There was an art gallery en route, and you know an open art gallery at 10 or so on a Friday means free alcohol. It wasn't bad, but the desserts at Marjorie were better, especially the brioche bread pudding with bourbon caramel sauce. And, of course, there was another round of drinks, featuring Lagavulin.

And then, after Auslander bid us adieu, we were back to Barolo, to await the arrival of My Fellow Canadian. He was leaving the next day for the City by the Bay, home of the Scottish Cowgirl and Cookie Monster, and a new job. We waited and waited, and The Scot ordered more wine, and it was almost 1 when he arrived. We laughed and ate and drank more wine, closing the place (this is what I'm saying) at close to 2 a.m. And caught cabs home. Delightful.

The rest of the weekend was family oriented, and then a final brunch with mes amis at Cafe Campagne. I picked up some smoked salmon for the Fabulous Parents and the Bostonians (that's next weekend), and headed for the airport. You can't say I don't eat well.


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

What not to wear

Especially to the Costume Institute Gala! I like Angie, married to a football star or not, but come on!

And is it just me, or are these two wearing the same shoes? Regardless, those are hideous. Hideous!


Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shuesday: Spring Cheetah?

Is this a good spring/summer alternative to your fav leopard print shoes?


Thursday, May 03, 2007

At long last ... Couch!

SO excited. Delivery scheduled for Wednesday morning.

Pottery Barn


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Shuesday: I want Candy

Floss, that is. These are So Pretty!


Oh, the Places You'll Go: Albuquerque & Santa Fe

From St. Louis, I flew south west via Denver (note to self, layovers should not exceede 80 minutes) and up into the highlands of new Mexico. My arrival coincided with the Gathering of Nations, so there were few taxis to be found, but the hotel graciously directed me towards a shuttle service and I was on my way.

My windows faced west and the light here is, as they say, extraordinary. The trip was a whirlwind of meetings and meals including green chili, along with a few high altitude (very minor) nosebleeds, and consumption of ridiculous amounts of bottled water - I really hated the taste by the end of the trip, regardless of the label.

I realized how much I've adjusted to living in a city where everyone walks everywhere (yes, yes, there are subways and taxis too). The middle kingdom is really car-happy, and that makes it hard to get around if you don't rent one.

I squeezed a massage at the hotel spa in at the end of the trip, made an unprecedented 2 mile walk from the hotel to Old Town for my usual pinon incense purchase, and caught the family pick-up truck up to Santa Fe Sunday evening for 36 hours of R&R with the NM out-laws. They live in a beautiful adobe home on an acre or so of land in the rolling hills south of Santa Fe. No street lights, no noise beyond the wind chimes, backyard stream and the wind in the trees. We visited Bandelier National Monument Monday morning, before heading into town to visit art galleries - I fell in love with this artist's work, particularly the alabaster mobius pieces. They spin on their black bases. Beautiful, in the right light and in a kid-free space. I'm just saying.

Back home in time to make cosmos and G&Ts, and to sit on the patio for hours watching a thunder and lightning storm pass by to the west, and then a blue and gold sunset. And then up early (for the FG) and off to the airport. Touched down in Dallas just long enough to run/train between airplanes (note to self, layovers should be at least 60 minutes in length), and then back to my city.