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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shuesday: It's in the mail

Yes, I still pay my bills the old fashioned way, with handwritten cheques and stamps and all that jazz.

One of the curiosities of moving is the inherited mail. (I wonder what the person who lives in my old apartment still gets for me, if anything. I think I was better about junk mail then.) Regardless, the androgynously named person who lived here before was apparently a Bergdorf's Blonde, because I received both the W Magazine sized spring catalogue and the special shoe report. Little do they know - they've given me Shuesday for weeks!

Although, oddly enough, the shoes in the catalog do not appear to be available online. At least, not at Bergdorf's. How bizarre. Still, I was able to find these, by Mr. Louboutin, elsewhere.



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