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Monday, November 21, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

I know, I should have seen this movie about a year ago, but that what my Netflix cue is for. In case Katrina didn't alert you, powerful white people don't care about people of colour in other countries either. Imagine telling your wife that she has to take your children and jump off the roof, because no one should die by machete.

Heading off again to the City on the Hudson in avoidance of all things Pilgrim. I'm taking comfort in the thought of calories not ingested, and prepping for a complicated series of manoeuvres in which we all make it to and from the airport with a minimum of parking fees, and the cat is sat upon at home instead of at the spendy kennel. But I have been generously lent a small suitcase on wheels, (thank you does not begin to convey my feelings toward the Mistress of Chocolate), which will mitigate the overpacking. A girl needs her shoes ... although the promise of snowflakes with the champagne is delicious enough to keep me smartly shod.


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