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Monday, November 21, 2005

The pen is mightier when held by the author

Being in love, truly in love, makes us vulnerable. There's a stage at the beginning of a relationship, hopefully short-lived, in which we question our beloved, our own sanity, and possibly even the laws of gravity. But, please, in your hamsterball of insecurity, don't go so far as to have others write love letters on your behalf. (Daily Candy should be ashamed of itself for promoting this website & I"m not linking to their site on principle.) The FG condones throwing money at some circumstances in the interests of resolution - a failure to make dinner reservations, a forgotten anniversary, a cake that didn't rise - this isn't one of the ones I'll sanction.

I still have a box (somewhere) of communiques from boys in their teens, with illegible handwriting and clumsy turns of phrase, that are far more precious to me than anything a third party could dream up. It's not about sending /the perfect letter/. What makes a love letter real is that it was written by the beloved. If you can't be honest at this early stage of the relationship, before he finds out you can't spell or she notices your mixed metaphors, is there really hope long term?

I'm also a little concerned about the individual offering this service. It's not exactly schadenfreude, I hope, but it seems at the least like living vicariously.


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