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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Viva la Hench Wench

Have decided, with some help from a mensch, that 'tis better to be the evil but fabulous babe who gets killed off/comes to her senses, than to be a kitten up a tree somewhere. They're just FAR more interesting women. Mirage from the Incredibles (don't get me started on the lack of an action figure) is my role model du jour, but there have been others, and the Hench is strictly optional.

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The formidable and fabulous Glenn Close as Alex Forrest (who even remembers that Anne Archer was in that movie?) and the Marquise Isabelle de Merteuil. Famke Janssen as Bond Girl Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp (remember those thighs?) and Ava Moore (Nip/Tuck). Joely Richardson's reinvented the concept of ice princess, and her character is flawed, but Ava's the juicy role. The fragile and steely Nicole Kidman as Suzanne Stone Maretto and Tracy Kennsinger (Malice). Julianne Moore as Laura Cheveley (An Ideal Husband). Hell, Faith versus Buffy - Faith is WAY more fun.

Come on in, the water's lovely. Who am I missing?


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