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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Mall is my co-pilot?

It's amazing when you really get a glimpse into the minds of others. Take (please) Aurelio F. Barreto 3rd, who:
made millions selling his company, which made Dogloos (igloo-shaped doghouses), and at 38 he never had to work again. Yet he was depressed, despondent, even suicidal. Then, he says, he found Jesus; he shared the news about Christ with anyone who would listen. Eventually, however, he found another way to spread the word, which he says will be far more effective: retail. (...) He even maintains that 625 conversions have taken place at his stores -- people who essentially went shopping and found God. ''Our mission is to share the grace, the truth and the love of Jesus,'' Barreto says. ''And what better place to do it than a mall?''

The Rapture must be close.


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