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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Color as a weapon

And I'm not talking about pink/green/black is the new black here, nor about the visual assault of head to toe Pucci. Thomas Vinciguerra says:
Lately, it seems, you can't have a decent political upheaval unless you color it in. The pro-democracy movement that recently swept Ukraine was famously known as the Orange Revolution, after its emblematic hue. When Iraqi voters dipped their fingers in purple ink last month to signify that they had cast their ballots, President Bush declared a Purple Revolution. In Iran, the revolution is pink. Fed up with their theocratic government's strict laws, many Iranian women are silently rebelling by shucking the Islamic sartorial strictures. Instead, they are flaunting their femininity with hot pink coats, sweaters, head scarves and bags.
Karen Beckwith, a political science professor at Wooster College of Ohio and an authority on comparative political movements, thinks that color is a uniquely effective weapon. "How does the state respond to it?" she asked. "It's very hard to defeat. You can't go around making people take off their clothes. Also, the state can't tell who's organizing it. And it shows incredible solidarity. You know that you're not alone. You don't even need to carry a sign. The person himself or herself is the protest."

See, fashion and politics are sleeping together.


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