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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Reality check

In case you've been wondering, August has been a little crazy, but things are settling down. To wit, I've changed jobs, moving from this, after 6 years, to this. Changing jobs and organizations means a steep learning curve, but I'm doing my homework, and I'm really excited.

I worked my last three days, and was duly feted by friends and colleagues at Fresh Salt, and Asia de Cuba. Then got on an airplane for a quick trip home to celebrate dad's 70th with 26 of his closest friends. The party was delightful. Also, I am better at cutting round cakes than square. I visited the usual suspects, which was a lot of fun. They have beautiful children, delightful husbands, and great homes, and they always find or make time to see me. It's incredibly grounding, which I needed this month.

Flew back and went to work at the new place the next day. I'm going to like it, and I promise you're going to hear all about it. Let's start by saying that "the places you'll go," and "requisite celebrity sightings" segments are going to get a lot more interesting.

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