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Friday, November 17, 2006


(Someone had to say it.)

I seem to be surviving on a pure diet of alcohol and fancy food - last night was the first official send-off for my partners in crime and tonight is cocktails with friends here. Under the influence of the Scottish Cowgirl last night, I drank French 75s after my initial dirty martini. Later, the Voluptuous Tulsan forced a shot of Patron Silver down my most unwilling throat. And was just fine this morning, thank you very much.

The food was fantastic! Stuffed dates* with blue cheese, coppa and pine nuts, mini grilled cheese sandwiches with drunken goat cheese and a fig/olive tapenade, spaghetti squash, honey & spice pumpkin seed bruschetta, and fantastic cayenne truffles. So good. And the wines were great too. I used to adore the colour purple.

* The Renaissance Man says that life is too short to eat dates, but what does he know?

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