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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I live for those moments when men think they've got us neatly sorted into woo-able categories. - ok, I don't live for them, but they definitely warrant a clicking together of the stilettos.

Take Cooking To Hook Up (please), which apparently is a guide to sorting women (and for us to sort ourselves, 'cause that's something we've been waiting for help with) so that men can make the 'right' dinner (and *swoon* breakfast!) for the type of girl they find themselves with. Because 'Cooking is dead sexy', and apparently what you should cook and wear, etc., at said dinner is all predetermined by the girl-type. This is a plan with the shelf life of a souffle - fortunately most of us don't eat breakfast anyway ...

Peruse and giggle at will, and don't miss the photos of the darling couple who thought this was a good idea. And if you don't already know which one I am ...


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