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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh the Places You'll Go: San Francisco

The challenge with this post is that one realizes that 'tis mid-March and one has yet to blog the prior trip to San Francisco that took place in December. Ahem.

The trip began with a work component at Stanford. There's nothing like sitting indoors for three straight days talking about violence during regime change in the global south, but it was worth it. Stanford also has gorgeous sculpture garden which I managed to experience peripherally.

Thursday evening found me at the World Affairs Council for a screening of Pray the Devil Back to Hell, a documentary about the role Liberian women played in the peace process, beginning in 2003 (review here). The women featured were among the most beautiful I have ever seen on screen, and their story was inspiring.

Then I met up with The Scottish Cowgirl, My Fellow Canadian, Cookie Monster and Busty Satan for dinner at Nopalit0. Yum! All kinds of things I didn't used to eat. Bad FG! The rest of the week sped by, and we were back in the city for cocktails at Bix, a gorgeous old-school supper club in the Financial District, and dinner at Kokkari.

Things almost went awry at Kokkari. We were seated by a group of giggling girls and an inflatable man doll. Can you say out of control bachelorette party? SCG immediately stood back up and walked us back to the front of the restaurant, where she firmly requested that we be re-seated. It took a few minutes, but was totally worth it. It's just not that kind of restaurant, and we were not in the mood.

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