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Monday, December 01, 2008

Shopaholic: Part Two

Tis the season when the shopping guides come calling, and this year, the "Under $100" category's going to wear itself out. My own selections:
  • For your local FG, dessert plates just as fashionable and fabulous as she is. Plus, can't you just see a molten chocolate lava cake melting all over them?
  • Gold rococo dolphin place card holders - they're sweet! - although you may have to send me to the Met to get them for you, as they are, unfathomably, not online. Because people want to be told where to sit, damnit.
  • For the person you've been wanting to provoke into conversation beyond small talk all year, Kara Walker's book, After the Deluge.
  • For that certain someone whose phone is always under charged, leaving you hanging with half the party address, or who can never find their various devices, a compact do everything charging station is a gift for you and for them.
  • For that adorable person who thinks they are the first person to discover Brooklyn, art honoring their choice of borough. Or a pendant in the shape of the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Amazon also always has stacks of coffee table books, as does the Met. If you don't know your friends well enough to know their style or favourite artist, shame on you. My fav local chef recommended Modern Glamour, by Kelly Wearstler, for me, and he has yet to grace me with his presence in my tiny kitchen. (I can't say that I love what she does to her hair, but I did love what she did to the Viceroy Palm Springs ...)

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