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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 in sentences: meme

The Blue Fairy shared this, and I in turn, will share mine.

January: Endless Shoes (and Handbags!) (possibly not a sentence, but appropriate)

February: "Once upon a time, you made couture gowns for Barbie with toilet paper."

March: Are you living in a diverse household?

April: A little something seasonal, for the little one in your life.

May: From St. Louis, I flew south west via Denver (note to self, layovers should not exceede 80 minutes) and up into the highlands of New Mexico.

June: Oh it was a busy, busy weekend, my darlings.

July: There was a tribute concert to Diana on Sunday night.

August: But my new office will have one!

September: Three inch heels aren't much use in Montana.

October: While the FG runs around a lot for work, this time it was for fun.

November: While reading Tabula Rasa's post about fava beans, I was sure I'd blogged a similar experience I'd had several years ago while preparing one of Martha's springtime pasta recipes, but searched for fava to no avail.

December: I know, you're wondering what happened the rest of the weekend, but I couldn't get it down before Shuesday and you get so cranky when I delay Shuesday ...


Perhaps a New Year's resolution to consider opening sentences more carefully is in order.



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