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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Shuesday: Steel Heels

The FG is hesitant to suggest an occasion for these (although hopefully one would wear them in a warm climate and on certain ground), but perhaps they're meant to enhance your /heel caught on the traintrack as the train approaches/ fantasy. Now all you need is a moustached man with a cape and a top hat cackling with glee and rubbing his hands together. The website offers additional options - steel platforms, spikier heels, along with custom made shoes, because:
Women are born to be creatures of adoration. Women constantly try to present the best of their figures through the right outfits and footwear, so wearing high heels naturally becomes the most provocative secret weapon for impressing and conquering the opposite sex. Each and every single teenage girl cherishes the chance for her first pair of beautiful heels upon the age of adolescence. The height of the heels serves to accentuate the slender frame of the wearer in still and her elegance in motion. High heels allow women to showcase the sexiest of their silhouette while casting a spell of fascination and infatuation over countless adoring men. As a way to show their affection for their female partners, many gentlemen often choose to have a beautiful pair of high heels custom made as "the best gift of love" and a pleasant surprise for their loved ones.

I'm going to go out on a limb and recommend that, unless you and your partner have already established a high heel fetish, you NOT buy these for your loved one for Valentine's Day. Not that you're thinking that far ahead ...

Thanks to The Scot!


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